If you would like to contact the Shadowcat staff, offices or have an enquiry you can fill out the form below or either call, write or email:


+44 (0)1524 64544

Postal addresses for correspondence:

128 The Barracks
White Cross
South Road

If you would like to contact a specific member of staff then please use one of the following email addresses

E-mail addresses (add @shadowcat.co.uk to all names if not using the link):

General Enquiries: info@
Mark Keating (Managing Director): m.keating@
Claire Jackson (PA to the Directors): c.l.jackson@
Matt Trout (Technical Director): m.trout@
Chris Jackson (Senior Consultant): c.jackson@
Robert Sedlacek (Developer): r.sedlacek@
Jess Robinson (Developer): j.robinson@
Paul Evans (Developer): p.evans@
Tom Bloor (Developer): t.bloor@
Kieren Diment (App. Developer): k.diment@
Kaitlyn Parkhurst (Developer): k.parkhurst@

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