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Matt S. Trout to talk at YAPC::NA

This year's YAPC::NA (Yet Another Perl Conference North America) will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah between 8-10 June 2015. The conference will be held at the Little America Hotel and once again Shadowcat Systems will be represented by Matt S. Trout.

Matt will be talking about build management in his talk 'Build Management with a Dash of Prolog' at 14:30 on the Monday (8th June) of the event.

As Matt describes his talk will be:

A finely honed hatred of every systems tool I have to work with led me to experiment with alternative ideas for build, configuration and deployment management.

Last year, I presented DX, a hybrid logic programming / planning language concept largely inspired by prolog, with a little help from haskell and lisp. This year, it's time to show you something that actually runs.

In his usual style Matt will be leaping through the various design decisions and deep logic he used to make his choices. The talk will be part anecdote and part deep architectural discussion and explanation, with maybe some working examples. As Matt says:

Trust me, it'll be fun. I'll bring tissues in case anybody's head explodes.

If you are going to YAPC::NA please think about attending Matt's talk and make sure to ask questions after the talk or in the social events. If you don't manage to see his talk make sure to say hello anyway.


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ShadowNMS and Lancashire Business Expo 2015

This Friday will see the first Lancashire Business Expo (2015) to be held at the Guild Hall in Preston. the event will showcase over 200 hundred exhibitors and is expected to be attended by up to 5,000 guests. Shadowcat Systems will be there to show off the exciting ShadowNMS.

Mark, Ian and Tom will be on hand through the day on Friday in Zone 3 where we have a stand and display. For the event we will be running a special promotion where you can get a full twelve months of service for just the cost of just ten months.[1] This will run on the website throughout the day on Friday - though if you ping one of the Shadowcatters via social media they will let you have the code.

If you are going to the Expo then please do find our stall and come and say hello. We will have some freebies to give away to anyone signing up to the service at the stall (including the free 2 months) and we will also have little gifts for the casual visitor.


[1] Naturally this only applies to yearly subscriptions.

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FLOSSUK Spring Conference

In just under three weeks time there will be the FLOSSUK Spring Conference: DevOps held in York and once again it will be heartily attended by the Shadowcat Team.

Heading to York for this year's event will be, Tom Bloor, Ian Norton, Matt S. Trout and Mark Keating. Once again the Shadowcat team will be heavily involved in all the conference activities which include, speaking, presenting, running workshops, organising as well as attending external conference activities.

Registration for this event is still open so there is still chance to grab a ticket. If you contact Mark you can get a special conference discount code from him (there are still a few left). Local attendees from user groups, students and the unemployed can apply for a special discounted rates (excludes the conference dinner).

This is an essential event for learning more about the Open and Free Technologies and to get access to workshops run by the likes of Google and Shadowcat.


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The Lancaster Social

The Lancaster Social will be held at the Chapel on the White Cross Business Estate in Lancaster on Thursday, 26th February. This is the first Lancaster Social of 2015 and we at Castle Shadowcat think there are some compelling reasons that you must attend.

  • It's free to attend, though there may be a small contribution required for a drink/biscuit
  • You can network with other people of Lancaster;
  • You can bring promotional material about your own events, causes, business or interests;
  • There is a section of free/cheap tools to help you in your connected life;
  • We have a Q&A session where we collectively pool our knowledge to help each other (there is no absolute requirement);
  • Free promotion via our website, free to register and we will help you to do that on the night;

The Lancaster Social is intended as a cross-sector event. We don't just want businesses to connect, we aim to encourage the wider community to interact, therefore anyone is welcome.

Make sure that you Register for a ticket on EventBrite ( so that we can accurately judge the number of attendees in advance and prepare appropriately.

The Shadowcat team will see you there.


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The Animated Errietta

It has only been a couple of weeks, though behind the scenes there has been an extended period of construction, since we saw the last Caricature from our beloved Jack knight of Knight Time Creations, so let's have another.

Castle Shadowcat has the pleasure of presenting the latest caricature to our growing list of images, our talented intern Errietta:

Errietta cartoon

Jack has once again done an amazing job of capturing Erri's likeness and of adding the whimsical elements that identify her love of gaming - I'm sure you can guess of which series of games this is a homage. Of particular note is the tiny fairy that accompanies our intern in her daily tasks. A mixture betwixt Sprite and Pooka one wonders what name we should call it, and how would it sound, like a electronic kitten or a huffing bass tiger. Why don't you help us to decide?

Please feel free to add your comments as they are always gratefully received.


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