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Digital Lancashire

This year a new initiative between local technical companies and local government was created in the North West called Digital Lancashire. The aim was for an open forum to promote Lancashire's growing digital presence and to help support and promote it.

Needless to say Shadowcat are founder members of this initiative. The title doesn't convey much more than our willingness to be a member of the local technical community and to help raise awareness. Something which we are happy to do.

The initiative has just started to really get into its stride, even though it is only a few months old it has been longer in the making, and is starting to be prominent in networking and digital events. We hope that we will have more time to be at future events and to meet with fellow local technical organisations.

Together we can grow a stronger local digital economy.

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Chair of the Board

The FLOSSUK recently underwent its annual general meeting, at this event the board accepts and changes as determined by its charter. This year Gavin Atkinson stood for re-election, Ian Norton was recognised as resigned, and Kimball Johnson finished his second 3 year term as Chairman.

At the meeting that followed it two new members were co-opted to the board to stand for a year and then to hopefully sit when elected. These co-opted members are Barry O’Rourke and Rick Deller. It was also decided at that meeting to elect specific roles and responsibilites to members of the board so that they might take charge and push forward any necessary actions. At this meeting Shadowcat’s Mark Keating was elected as the new Chairperson (our usage, it is still referred to as Chairman in the Articles) to the organisation.


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Away again to Cluj

In an anniversary event of his first Workshop appearance 4 years ago Shadowcat's very own mst will be returning to Romania in November 2016. Matt has barely got home from the amazing YAPC Europe hosted by the Romanian Mongers before yo-yoing back for a second appearance this year.

Cluj Perl Mongers Meetup - Nov16
Tue 6 PM in UTC+02 · Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The mini-workshop Monger events are always carry well organised and hosted by the great folks of Evozon and this is likely to be a memorable event. If you are in Romania for the Workshop don't forget to say hello to Matt.

Check out their Facebook Page for the latest news (


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MST travels to YAPC::EU::2016

August sees the annual premier European Perl Event (known as YAPC::EU::2016) in Cluj, Romania, between 22nd-26th. Once again Shadowcat Systems will be in attendance and present talks.

This year Matt S. Trout will be representing the mighty cat giving two talks while no doubt making an impression in the hallway tracks and at the social events. Matt has also been deep into the new work we have been producing internally and will probably be able to bend a few ears on the system admin tools that he is building to be essential elements in a toolkit.

Matt will be presenting two talks (detailed below), one of which focusses on the past and how he got to be here and one that focusses on the future and how we have started to use and play with Perl6.


On Saturday, April 16th 2005 I did a very foolish thing. I joined an IRC network called and a channel called #catalyst.

My life (and the remaining fragments of my sanity) have never been the same Again. So in this talk, I thought I'd try and share a bit of what it's been like, the fun parts, the terrifying parts, the straight up batshit insane parts,


So, rakudo is here for keeps, and 6.c has been finalised, and now we get to play. Better still, there's both an Inline::Perl5 for rakudo, and an Inline::Perl6 for perl5.

Which means that perl5 can have access to grammars, and rakudo can have access to CPAN, and all sorts of fascinating possibilities unfold.

Because it turns out that with two perls at once, you get a lot more than twice as much rope.


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+1 Life

We’re late to report the news that you might have seen on Social Media but at least we hit the right level of whimsy as we proudly announce that Mark Keating and Kathryn Leigh Keating had a 3rd baby boy in May. Welcome to the world, Asher William Keating.

In usual Shadowcat Systems style we have added him to the roster and want him delivering his first code work as soon as possible. He’s young and inexperienced so we’re giving him a steady diet of Scratch.[1] If you see Mark online we recommend you offer him sympathy, caffeine and a pillow.

Asher William Keating Asher William Keating


[1] He has sharp little nails so he scratches just about everything anyway.

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