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Dbic Hack

This weekend is the first DBIx::Class Hackathon organised by Jess 'Castaway' Robinson and James 'theorbtwo' Mastros in the wonderful(1) town of Swindon. Castaway is well known to the Perl community as a prolific docs writer, herder of cats and helpful face in many channels and it was her idea to hold the hackathon.

DBIx::Class has become the almost de facto standard for Perl ORMs in the past few years and is extremely prolific in the corporate environment and has a long association with Shadowcat. The original author of the project was our very own Matt S. 'mst' Trout who will be attending the hackathon this weekend. The logo was designed by Mark 'mdk' Keating who will also be at the hackathon.

Of course these are not the only staff we are taking to this principal event; Tom 'TBsliver' Bloor, Ian 'idn' Norton and Peter 'ribasushi' Rabbitson will also be attending and representing the SC Crew. Of course castaway herself is also a member of the Shadowcat fraternity so we are fully ingrained in this event.

Ribasushi is the current Dbic Maint Manager and his presence, with mst and castaway, secures the almost holy trinity of Dbic personnel.

The event has been sponsored by Shadowcat, Eligo and CTRL-O and heavily supported in the Dbic community. If you are attending this weekend we will see you there, for everyone else watch this site as we are sure to write up the events that occur.


(1) Okay so I know to most people Swindon has to fight Slough for the most depressing place accessible from the M40, but that's the new part of Swinny and a tad unfair. The Old Town is lovely.

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Matt S. Trout Speaking at the German Perl Workshop

German Perl Workshop Logo

Matt S. Trout will be attending the GermanPerl Workshop to be held in Hanover, Germany between the 26th to 28th March 2014. This year Matt will be talking about his recent thinking on system automation and what a debt we owe to Prolog.

The organisers of the event have been kind enough to sponsor Matt's travel and accommodation to the event and to put on his talks once again. This is a regular workshop and one that Shadowcat have been proud to associate themselves with for a number of years.

Matt's talk will be the final talk of the event just before the lightning talks, so be sure not to miss it. If you are attending the event make sure to stop and say hi to Matt in the hallway track or at one of the many social locations.

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The Growth of Staff

It is a proud pleasure to announce that Shadowcat are once again swelling the ranks of developers based out of our Lancaster offices as we welcome on board Kimball Johnson.

Kimball is a developer and System Administartor of many years experience who will be starting work on the 1st April, and yes the fun of that has not escaped us at the office, currently we are wondering if we play some elaborate foolish prank or just tease him into thinking we will.

Kimball joins the ranks of community related and well known Shadowcat personalities, he is the current Chair of FLOSS UK council and a keen supporter of Open Source. We feel sure he will fit right into the company dynmamic.

The only real question is, what iconography will be the feature of his company caricature.

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Under Control

We at Castle Shadowcat are loyal to our staff (minions) and colleagues (fellow Knights), we are also loyal to those we share community presence with and to those we have working relationships.

For this reason, and because he is a great chap, we backed Jack Knight's Kickstarter last year. As part of the Kickstarter reward we received for backing Jack's first exhibition was the chance to get a caricature done by Jack himself.

After a bit of consultation we decided to further develop the idea of our CEO's association with a cat, and this is the result.

As you can clearly see the true power behind the CEO is a cat, he is remote controlled by one of the many associated to him.

Another great image prepared by Jack of Knight Time Creations for Shadowcat Systems.

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Evil Cat

Those of you that follow the news here at Castle Shadowcat will be very familiar with the work of our almost-an-artist-in-residence Jack Knight of Knighttime Creations. You will have seen many images of staff and cats go by with the dubious ‘the animated’ moniker.(1)

Recently we asked Jack to draw us a new cat or two to add to the existing brace of cats. The first of these who goes by the name of Moggles was published in today’s companion news article. Here is the second. He has no name. He possible has a series number - something like SC-T800. He's a bit badass. We call him evil cat and he has a range of backdrops.

I Present Evil Cat

Looking like a cross between Terminator and Hal this is our Dark Side of the Lune cat who walks in shadow like a scary-assed night.

All we can say is bravo Jack another great creation.


(1) Yes we know they are more illustrated than animated, but they look so lifelike you can imagine the motion.

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