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A brace of t-shirts fly in...

Wed Apr 24 16:41:23 2013

As many of you following the news from Castle Shadowcat will know we have had a series of images created by Jack Knight of Knight Time Creations. Our Steampunk Themed images are being used on promotional material and on documentation to give a distinct look connected to our very distinct presence.

This week we have received a batch of the first clothing to bear the new images. There will be more of these available over the coming months to be given out as promotional items and also to be sold to the general populace as part of a continuing expansion of the image.

The first three designs have received a lot of interest not just from staff but from friends to Shadowcat, they are presented below for your judgement. Why not write to us, tweet or comment and tell us what you think of them.

           First design on Grey t-shirt
First design on Grey t-shirt

           Second design on orange t-shirt
Second design on Orange t-shirt

           Third design on Green t-shirt
Third design on Green t-shirt