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Catalyst, DBIx::Class and PostgreSQL

The tale of building an app with a moderately complex DB schema and strict performance requirements on the single most complex query in the application, mixing and matching straightforward DBIx::Class ORM code to automate away the simple stuff, postgres views and triggers to create a transparent OODB-style setup using multiple table inheritance and to allow for complex queries to be optimised at the database level without the ORM getting in the way, and how we mixed the two together to create an app that not only meets the performance requirements set out at the start of the project but substantially exceeds them, and is still fast to add features to and easy to maintain.

Perl 5's Alive!

Too many times when talking to people we hear the same myths repeated over and over again - "perl is dying", "perl is a legacy language", "perl doesn't scale to large projects, "perl is useless for object oriented development". As a proud perl5 programmer, Matt explains why none of these things are true and shows projects that allow functional perl, object oriented perl, scalable perl both in terms of code size and development team size. Matt also mentions the new Enlightened Perl Organization dedicated to promoting, improving and marketing 21st Century Perl and the new perl5 enlightenment