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Security and GDPR

Navigating the concerns about security and data rights can be challenging for any business.

  • Do you know how your systems are secured?
  • Do you have good processes for accessing the systems?
  • Do you know where your data is?
  • Do you audit how it is collected, transmitted and archived?

It seems that every day there is another story about data breaches and security concerns, about increasing numbers of targetted assaults or rogue software. Having a strategy to deal with this may be out of the reach of many organisations who do not specialise in software.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), which governs EU citizens, enshrines many rights into law that will affect any organisation that deals with any EU member. For the UK there is the upcoming DPB (Data Protection Bill). You need to act to make sure you are compliant with these lesiglations and to ensure your business processes are acceptable and affordable.

Shadowcat Systems has many years of experience in dealing with access and storing of data. We write about changes in data rules and about security and we can help your organisation move towards a better data and security strategy.

Shadowcat doesn't offer a single-solution or claim to make you n% compliant. We believe companies are individual and that our best role is to help them implement a solution that matches their business. This takes into consideration your employees, practices, implementation and cost and we domn't offer a catch all solution that will often catch nothing.

Talk to us today and learn how you can move towards being responsible and more secure in this challenging environment.

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