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YAPC::EU 2007

Sun Jul 1 15:00:00 2007

YAPC::EU 2007 Vienna Site
It is confirmed that Shadowcat will once again be sending people to the YAPC::EU conference in Vienna. Appearing this year will be Mark Keating, Matthew Trout and Chris Jackson, and in a surprise move they have decided to bring their own chef. This is no joke, professional chef, Nathan Exley, an assessor/tutor in the catering department at Lancaster and Morecambe College and star of the 2006 season of Ramsey's Kitchen nightmares. Nathan was temporarily employed as a chef at the Fennick Arms when Gordon visited there in 2006, just before accepting his post at L&M.

More about SC's in-house chef and special fun we will be having at YAPC will be announced soon