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Matt Trout at the French Perl Workshop

Sun Oct 28 15:00:00 2007

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Catalyst and DBIx::Class in the real world
Catalyst quick start
Devel::Declare - syntax extensions without 'use Filter::Simple;'

Further to the news article of 3rd September (read item) Matthew Trout has had three presentations accepted for the French Perl Workshop which is hosted in Lyon between the 16th-17th November. The three presentations are:

  • Catalyst quick start, 40 minutes, English, 11/16/07 13:50
  • Catalyst and DBIx::Class in the real world, 40 minutes, English, 11/17/07 13:35
  • Devel::Declare - syntax extensions without 'use Filter::Simple;', 40 minutes, English, 11/17/07 11:15

Matt will also be staying for the Hackathon on the 18th November.