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2007 Shadowcat T-shirt

The 2007 Shadowcat T-shirt was designed by mark keating from his own original drawings.

2007 Shadowcat "limited edition" T-Shirt

Large image of the male t-shirt

The 2007 "limited edition" Shadowcat T-shirt arrived in the offices in October of 2007. This high-quality cotton, black t-shirt boasts a unique design done by Mark Keating which will be used only on this years t-shirts. These items are not for sale at this time and are available in very limited numbers. They will be used primarily for the purposes of promotion and sponsorship so if you are lucky enough to own one you will be in a very select group of people.

We will be hosting a number of promotional projects and sponsorship deals to the community at large during the next year so you could be in line to own one of these exclusive items.

There will be also be a chance to win one of these t-shirts along with other exclusive and limited Shadowcat merchandise through our website in the coming months, keep a look out on our home and news pages for more details.

Large image of the female t-shirt

The t-shirts are also available in an "even more limited" style suited more for women. This t-shirt is shaped to fit the female physique and we have a few available in one of three sizes (all the regular t-shirts are XL). These t-shirts are again not available to buy and can only be acquired through one of our promotions, sponsorships or competitions.